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Video Quiz Number Seven - published 18 December 2020

This is an interesting video when Adam Gilchrist was getting early experience for Richmond in the Middlesex league. He refers to the Fraser Brothers and Mark Rampkrakash playing for Stanmore. But which subsequent Australian international had Stanmore turned down about a decade earlier? Did Gilchrist also keep wicket during his days in the Middlesex League?


Video Quiz Number Six - published 12 October 2020

Not a quiz as such this time but a discussion on what defines a good catch.

The video showing Mark Waugh’s catch is captioned as "the greatest catch ever”.  But as a slip catch is it as good as Bob Simpson’s catch dismissing David Allen in 1961?

It is always difficult to make comparisons. The issues seem to be - is it easier to make a slip catch off a cut or a driven ball? Is it easier to catch an outside edge (Waugh) or an inside edge (Simpson), or is the Simpson catch also an outside edge? Is either fielder catching it in his “wrong” hand - (Mark Waugh, right hand or Bob Simpson, left hand)?

I don’t know how frame rates compare on video recordings made in different eras, but there appear to be more frames on the Waugh video between the moment the ball is hit and the the moment the catch is made.



Video Quiz Number Five - published 10 September 2020

This great video shows the 1957 West Indian tourists, including Weekes, Worrell and Walcott as well as Don Smith, England’s oldest living Test cricketer. Are there any CS members who saw any of this series? Can anyone work out what Fred Trueman is saying when Worrell reaches his century? What score did Worrell post in this match? Does this video show anything from the Oval test? At the Oval England could have declared before the fall of their second wicket in their first innings and still have won the match by an innings. Things would change when West Indies next toured in 1963.


Video Quiz Number Four - published 21 August 2020

Can anyone say what it is that is “wrong" with these two videos. The same problem with each. The clue lies in the description in the 1946 film of it being flown back to England for presentation in cinemas in record time.



Video Quiz Number Three - published 24 June 2020

Rothmans invested a great deal into cricket in the 1960s. They weren’t too fortunate with the weather when it came to staging the two England v Rest of the World matches in 1965.

The Lords match was played out on a 70 over per side basis - is this one of the earliest international limited overs matches?

Which club ground is shown at 2.01, which bowler at 6.21 (notwithstanding John Arlott's commentary) and who is checking his match brochure at 8.26?



Video Quiz Number Two - published 7 April 2020

The oldest cricket newsreels were “silent”, although they may have been accompanied by music when shown in cinemas. This video shows how newsreel coverage had converted to sound by 1930. Some cricketers were also beginning to shoot their own silent cricket footage.

At 0.04 on this video we see a cricketer with a cine camera. Can anyone name the cricketer and the precise model of camera?

At 1.55 Bill Woodfull is introducing in sound the members of the 1930 touring party. Did someone create undersized suits for the Australian tourists - or was this just the fashion in 1930?

Can anyone throw any light on the career of the wicketkeeper walking out at 11.05? Did he need to crouch down?

Has anyone written about the shortest first class cricketers?



Video Quiz Number One - published 5 April 2020

Yorkshire and Middlesex were always intense rivals in the County Championship and in 1937 they were respectively winners and runners up. It seems that a Challenge Match between the two counties was arranged at the Oval as late as mid September. Yorkshire won decisively. We see Hutton and Sutcliffe going out to bat. One of these two was opening the Yorkshire batting continuously between 1919 and 1955. Sutcliffe had describes Hutton as "a marvel - the discovery of a generation”. Hutton scored 121 in this innings. Can anyone identify the Middlesex bowlers?

Courtesy British Pathe


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